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Best Selling Handheld Blenders of 2018

A handheld blender is one of the most widely used kitchen tools, also referred as stick blender. There are a lot of people who are unsure if they should invest in a handheld blender. In a nutshell, handheld blenders look like a small version of a hand mixer. It has a long stick-like shaft and a single rotating blade, unlike standard blenders which have two blades and use a bowl to blend automatically. They usually incorporate a blade guard around the mixer to prevent injury. The shaft is usually made of plastic or stainless steel. And the blades are made of steel.

It can be used to blend items within stock pots, jars or bowls. This makes it different from traditional blenders wherein you will have to combine all the ingredients in the mixing bowl. This is only one of the benefits of using a hand blender. In fact, handheld blenders have a variety of advantages making it popular among many industry professionals and consumers. Handheld blenders can be used in making a variety of recipes such as soup, smoothies, and baby food. It is very easy to make these with the use of a hand blender.

When looking for a hand blender, there are a number of qualities and factors you should think about. You’ll need to consider how often and how rigorously you’ll be using the blender as well as how much power you’ll require. With this in our mind, we have shortlisted a few numbers of best selling hand blenders.