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BHAI DOOJ Gifting Ideas for Brother

Bhai Dooj Gifting Ideas for Brother

Bhai Dooj is celebrated two days after the main Diwali festival. It is the occasion when brothers and sisters celebrate their bonding and wish for each others’ well-being. This year, Bhai Dooj would be celebrated on 9th November in India. The tradition of exchanging gifts on this festival makes it extra special. Well, if you are still in dilemma of what to gift your brother, this article “Bhai Dooj Gifting Ideas for Brother” will surely help you out.

Who needs superheroes when you have a brother?


Why do we celebrate Bhai Dooj?

According to the Hindu Mythology, it is considered that the God of death, Yamraj, had visited his lovable sister named Yami (Yamuna) on this special day. His sister welcomed him by aarti and tilak ceremony. She offered him a garland and special dishes including sweets to eat. He had returned her sister a unique gift as a symbol of his love and care towards her sister. At that day Yamraj had declared that the brother who would receive tilak and aarti by their sister, he would never be frightened. That’s why the same day is called as the Yama Dwitiya. According to another story, Hindu Lord Krishna had returned to his sister, Subhadra, after killing the demon king Narakasur. He was welcomed by his sister with tilak, aarti, sweets, and flowers.

We hope this is a good read and now you can browse our collection of the coolest Bhai Dooj gifts for Brother. Happy Gifting !!!!!


1. Headphones your bro loves

Gifting your brother “headphones” that he is wanting to purchase for a long time will be one of the best gifts for your brother. Headphones make a great gift idea that can lift up your brother’s mood this Bhai Dooj. So, if you know what your brother’s favorite headphones is then, undoubtedly gifting him these will make his day.


2. The coolest wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For men, gadgets are love. If your brother is also one of them who is mad about technology and gadgets then, this Bhai Dooj surprise him with a brand new wireless Bluetooth speaker.


3. Wallet

I think , its a great idea to give wallet to your brother because its useful and not too much expensive.


4. Fragrances

Gift some perfect fragrances to your handsome bro. Make his day with your adorable gift.


5. Wrist watch

Men are obsessed with wrist watches and your brother is no exception. Right? So, on the pious occasion of Bhai Dooj, gift a good time to your brother in the form of a wristwatch. Today there are various types of watches which are in vogue so choose a unique one that adds up to his grace and style.


6. Sweatshirt

As winter is around the corner, sweatshirt can be a great option to gift your brother on this day.


7. A fitness tracker

Gift your brother a stylish and useful gadget and create the memory of a lifetime. What could be better than a fitness tracker that can monitor his health and activity without having to pay too much attention to it.


8. Sunglasses

These aviator sunglasses can be the best gift for your brother on this Bhai Dooj. UV protected sunglasses will not only protect the eyes of your brother but also make his personality dashing.


9. Grooming Kit

On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, a grooming kit would be really a thoughtful gift for your brother. This amazing men grooming kit comprises of all the elements that will enhance the charm of your handsome bro.


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