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To cook fast and to cook healthy only pressure cooker can be your best friend. It cooks food in a few minutes. Since the like remains close, there are low chances of losing the nutrients through steam. It also helps to retain the actual taste of the food.

How it cooks faster?

It is able to hasten the cooking process by building up the internal steam pressure. This pressure creates wet steam or saturated steam that permeates through food and bombards the particles. It raises the atomic temperature and transferring heat much faster than dry air or metal. This helps in cooking faster.

In today’s fast-paced life, it is difficult to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. To do that the pressure cooker will help you a lot. So before going to buy it, you must know how many types of cooker are available in the market.

On the basis of material type, a pressure cooker is of two types:-

  1. Aluminium pressure cooker
  2. Stainless steel pressure cooker


  1. Aluminum pressure cooker:- It is less expensive. But they are not robust. A cooker has to handle extreme heat, aluminium cookers are never a good idea. They easily become affected by the heat. So, to buy an aluminium cooker is always least suggested.
  2. Stainless steel pressure cookers:- Stainless steel cooker is a robust material. It can withstand extreme, heat and rough handling. Go for stainless steel cooker when you are going to shop for a cooker. It is expensive but the price is worth it.


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